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CS High follows the adventures of three bright and determined high school students who solve a real murder when a fake crime scene set up by their forensic science teacher turns deadly. As Pinehurst Academy celebrates a new football stadium, freshman prodigy Simon Musgrave discovers a distinguished math teacher dead in his classroom, clutching a vial of prescription medicine. Basketball star Marcus Jackson—who thinks he’s Sherlock Holmes in a varsity jacket—joins Simon and rebel Laurel Carmichael as they use skills which they’ve learned in their high school lab to analyze evidence authorities have overlooked. Their covert sleuthing leads to several suspects. When the evidence trail points to an especially prominent member of the school community, the headmaster threatens to expel them. What could someone have done in high school that if discovered years later would lead to murder? Trusting in science and despite the consequences, Marcus, Laurel, and Simon are determined to uncover the truth, even when the truth leads to a deadly showdown in the lab. In the process of their investigation, the trio grapples with self-awareness and identity, bullying, parental expectations, and other sources of teenage angst. While discovering hidden talents, they forge a friendship that extends beyond the lab.


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