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A STEM Murder Mystery Novel by Julianne Zedalis



Have you wondered what other scandals occur behind the walls of schools besides what the media reports? What could someone have done in high school that if discovered years later would lead to murder? CS HIGH, Meet CSI.

CS High follows the adventures of three bright and determined high school students who solve a real murder when a fake crime scene set up by their forensic science teacher turns deadly.


It's time to grab a magnifying glass and help Laurel, Marcus and Simon solve this horrific murder.



Meet the Characters


As a Forensic Science teacher, I cannot recommend CS High enough! It is a page-turner! This mystery is packed with so many exciting forensic science terms and techniques for aspiring young Sherlocks. The characters are relatable and the scenes so vivid, one might feel as if they are tagging along behind Simon, Marcus, and Laurel. I cannot wait to use this novel as a supplement to my own curriculum. I know my students will be inspired by the teamwork and skills of this incredible sleuthing trio. I guarantee yours will be, too! 

CS High is an impossible-to-put-down book for readers of any age.  Set in an exclusive private high school, and combining an engrossing murder mystery with incredibly accurate CSI-level crime science, Zedalis has created a new and exciting genre of STEM based YA Fiction.  I can't wait to read what she writes next.  

As a former Zedalis Biology and Forensic Science student, I cannot contain my excitement for this book. The setting and characters, while fiction, are engaging and remind me of my own classmates. Students diving into the world of solving crime is relatable because we had to solve a crime for our Forensic Science final exam. I’m thrilled to see the characters and their relationships develop as they move through the story, too! The format of including a criminology term at the beginning of every chapter is also so unique and a fun way to get to know terms, especially for readers who are just starting to dip their toes into forensic science. Overall, I am so proud of Ms. Zedalis and CS High!

MARY FRAN PARK, Forensic Science Teacher, Kent Denver School, Englewood, CO

GAVIN LURIE, President & Co-Founder, Endless Media

High School Student

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Julianne Zedalis teaches Forensic Science and Honors/AP Biology at The Bishop’s School in La Jolla, California where she holds the Balgrosky-Hinshaw Endowed Chair in Biology. She earned a BA and MA in biology from Occidental College in Los Angeles and began her high school teaching career at Albuquerque Academy in New Mexico. 

Juliane has worked with several academic agencies, including the College Board. She developed a curriculum for one of the first forensic science courses offered at the high school level and hopes that CS High promotes student interest in science as a vital, engaging discipline.



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